About Us

About Us

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Meet the team

picoBlu is a team of brilliant technopreneurs who aim to serve our clients with engaging solutions that speaks the language of your business! Our goals are simple – to visualize, captivate, and execute!

We always strive to surpass our client’s expectations, helping you communicate your business ideas effectively to your target audience via effective branding and marketing, as well, provide you creative and marketing consultations from head to toe to ensure that the end-result serves your goals.

We love what we do

We create mobile applications with a design that’s both functional and appealing. We build solutions that work magic and are easy to manage. We create products that confirm your vision. And finally, we create business relationships that last with our clients!

We always remain flexible – if you have your own ideas, we run them through and provide you with even better ideas based on what you’ve given us. If you merely have goals, fret not as we’ll get you where you need to go!

Other than mobile application design and development, we handle a wide range of other creative and media services including Blu-Ray Authoring, Video Encoding, 3D Modeling and Pre-Visualization, all of which you can find out more in detail under ‘Services.’

Who and Why

Who are we?

picoBlu is made up of a dedicated team of brilliant technopreneurs whose aim is to serve our clients. Our goals are simple – to visualize, to execute and to captivate!

We always strive to surpass client’s expectations, help you communicate your business ideas effectively to your target audience and provide you creative and technical consultations from head to toe to ensure that the end-result does justice to your vision.

Why should you choose us?

  1. As a multi-disciplinary technology studio, we provide a wide coverage of technological solutions.
  2. We offer competitive prices and great, thoughtfully
    hand-crafted, quality work.
  3. We provide a quick turnaround for all your projects
  4. Ample after-sales services for all your projects

You need a solution today, and don’t have the time
nor the resources to go it alone.
You need partner with the experience and knowledge to help you navigate the pitfalls and unknowns.
You’ve come to the right place.  picoBlu is here to lead the way.

Below are our services

  • Mobile Application Creation – iOS, iPhone, iPad,
    Blackberry, and Android
  • Blu-Ray Authoring and Encoding
  • 3D Modeling and Pre-visualization
  • Video Encoding and Transcoding – streaming or download
  • and even more…

Our Team

We work hard for your success

VP Business Development

Ethan Mesmer

President/Managing Director

Kevin Choi

Sr. Software Developer

Christopher Natan

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