iPhone Apps



Whether iPhone, iPad, iOS, Blackberry, or Android.  You got some great ideas for mobile apps, but wonder what the cost and timeframe would be in order to build and deploy?  We've got the answers.

Be a part of the fastest growing market opportunity today.  Your business needs a mobile presence.  You need a partner to get you there.  You've got the vision and inspiration, and we can provide the execution and solution.


Blu-Ray Authoring



Providing full service Blu-ray authoring, encoding, menu creation, and design.  Fully compliant BDCMF output ensures your project is replication ready.

We've worked on projects large and small, from independent films, documentaries, and major studio releases.  If you think you can't afford to release on Blu-ray, give us a call.  We can step you through all of the intricacies, and help explain the costs, with an eye towards creating a custom solution that meets your needs.

3D Modeling



3D Pre-visualization, custom modeling, product development.

Whether you are a real estate developer, architect, manufacturer, or engineer - if you need to see your idea rendered in realistic 3D, we can build it.  With our expertise and background in the Entertainment Industry, we can not only render your project, but produce a finished presentation custom for you.

picoBlu - we make Hollywood click.  And so can you.

iPhone Apps - 3D Pre Viz - Blu-ray Authoring

We know you've got better things to do than try to make computers work for you. We've been there.

Our team of programmers started out in the entertainment industry by writing code for post-production automation. Now, armed with both the technical know-how and an intimate knowledge of the trade - not to mention a solid portfolio - we are ready to take on your professional programming needs at every level of your production chain.

A good dose of code goes a long way. From 3D modelling to Blu-ray authoring, and now the ubiquitous iPhone App, you can streamline your workflow at one end and engage your customers with cutting-edge technology at the other.

As a close-knit and dedicated team, we do everything with an eye for detail: listening, writing, production and delivery. If your business has other requirements, talk to us today about our custom programming services.

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